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NTRP Ratings are posted on TennisLink. This website no longer makes a separate posting as ratings can change as players appeal.

2008 NTRP Listings and Appeals
The USTA has published NTRP ratings

Players are now able to appeal their ratings by going directly to TennisLink. To appeal your rating, enter your USTA Number in the top box and click “Go.” You will see an “Appeal Rating” link to the right of your name and rating information. Click on the “Appeal Rating” link, enter your zip code, and click “Submit.” The next screen will allow you to select whether you want to appeal up or down. When you click “Submit” again, you will be told immediately if your appeal has been granted or denied. Please note, if your appeal is granted, it can not be changed back, so please do not appeal unless you are certain that you want to do so.